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Why is it needed?

Matthew’s House works closely with countless organisations and charities locally. We had noticed that a common experience, for all those working to support people and those needing support, was the lack of accessible and accurate information about the support on offer in the local area. Over the years the attempts to solve this included hundreds of information sheets, leaflets, directories, and posters. However, this information was quickly out-of-date, not available to hand, or required a good working knowledge to find what was needed and what was provided. This single issue was recognised by everyone as a significant barrier to information and communication being provided to some of the vulnerable people in our city. Hope in Swansea is a solution to all of this – one that is in our pockets!

Who is Hope in Swansea for?

Hope in Swansea is for anyone who needs hope and support or anyone supporting someone who needs hope and support. We want to ensure that everyone can find Hope in Swansea when they need it. Everyone needs hope in order to thrive or flourish, and it is almost inevitable that all will face difficulties in their lives. Therefore, Hope in Swansea is really designed to be a connection point for all.

At no cost, charities, support groups, local authority, NHS and organisations can apply to register on Hope in Swansea. In doing so, our ambition is that Hope in Swansea will provide a crucial engagement method to support people in their moment of need, whatever their need. Please email for more information.